What are the potential benefits of podiatric treatment?


• Return to normal activity

• Correction of the underlying deformity

• Reduced pain

• Improved functionality

• Getting your life back

It is our priority to find the best solution for your condition by using non-surgical and non-invasive treatments wherever possible. Where surgery is required the options will be fully discussed with you and all your questions answered.

The types of treatment we offer include:

• Minor surgery: for ingrown toenail and verrucae conditions

• Podiatric surgery: for bunionsMorton’s neuromashammer and mallet toes, bone spurs, plantar fasciitis and arthritis

Injection therapy: for a variety of pain and inflammation using corticosteroid drugs

• Orthotics: biomechanical assessment to determine how bespoke or readymade shoe insoles will help relieve foot and heel pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis, fallen arches, over-pronation and other common conditions.


• Orthotics

• Injection Therapy


Bunion Surgery

• Hammer Toe Surgery

• Ingrown Toenail

• Lumps and Bumps


• Hallux Limitus