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Podiatric Surgery is a specialist field of practice within the podiatry profession.


Podiatric surgeons are podiatrists who have had extensive postgraduate training in the surgical management of foot and ankle problems.

Despite practising surgery, your consultant will advise you about the non-surgical treatments available for your foot problem.

This will help you make an informed choice regarding your treatment and agree a care plan together.



All podiatry conditions, their symptoms and non surgical and surgical options


What are the potential benefits of podiatric treatment?


• Return to normal activity

• Correction of the underlying deformity

• Reduced pain

• Improved functionality

• Getting your life back

It is our priority to find the best solution for your condition by using non-surgical and non-invasive treatments wherever possible.

Where surgery is required the options will be fully discussed with you and all your questions answered.


Maintaining healthy feet for walking

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