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Me and My Verrucas

Having verrucas is not a fun experience. You can’t go swimming, you have to wear flip-flops in the shower, you get awkward at borrowing someone else’s towel or drying your foot everyday with a hair dryer. The worst is having to explain to a potential girlfriend why you don’t want to share a shower with them. ‘It’s not you…it’s my foot’. Sexy. And the worst things is I had had them for 4 or so years.

I was told initially not to worry about them ‘they’ll go away eventually’. But they didn’t. They just got bigger and bigger - until the point I got worried and went to see a specialist to get them cut out. That didn’t work either. It only made them larger and more angry. They started appearing not only on my heal (where it originated) but also at the top of my foot and on my toes. This worried me and when you’re an over thinker like myself your mind wanders.

‘Will I ever get rid of them?’

‘Will I have them for the rest of my life?’

‘What if it engulfs my whole foot?’

I tried herbal medicine and acupuncture. That didn’t help.

Luckily once I met Mr Ernest Barlow-Kearsley things started to change. How you ask? Well it was a combination of things.

First, I needed to boost my immune system. He got me taking multivitamins. That, by itself didn’t work, so we upgraded to stage two which involved taking Thuja - a herbal medicine which seeks to replicate the virus so your body can produce the antibodies to kick it out.

Again, that by itself didn’t work. So we discussed Stage 3. Stage 3 was to try dry needling which sounds sophisticated but really isn’t. Essentially you stab the verrucas to create a wound and awaken the body to the fact that it is there. You then draw out the virus using silver nitrate. Yummy.

However, we had also discussed that stress can impact the ability of the body to fight off the virus. I had been stressed out from work and had been meaning to quit for sometime. So once I had quit it seemed like the opportune moment to have the operation. I had also been taking a magic tonic called Immune Complex by Dr Woltz which was massively improving my energy levels and general immunity (I take it every day now). This combination primed me for my Dry Needling Operation which I was told only had a success rate of 60%.

(Don’t worry - you’re under anaesthetic so it doesn’t hurt. It just sort of tickles.)

One of the really interesting things is that we had decided to only do the heal of the foot as thats where the verruca started and where it seemed most dormant. The other cluster at the top of the foot seemed more active so we had decided not to needle that area.

Low and behold, after a week or so I started to notice the top of the foot starting to get smaller. The heal was still under bandages so I didn’t know what was underneath. I went to take them off and no luck. There was just a big scab. I continued using Thuja cream on the top of the heal and then to the back of the cream once I didn’t need bandages anymore. And hey presto, after 6 weeks all my veruccas had gone.

He told me I was the best patient he’d ever had! Special me.

To sum up - make sure you use

A) Dr Woltz - Immune Complex

B) Thuja Cream

C) Eliminate as much stress

D) Dry needling

Any questions email me

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