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Farewell NHS

In this 75th year of the NHS I have been privileged to serve in this organisation, hone my skills as a Podiatric surgeon alongside the most amazing clinicians, administrators, educators my profession has to offer, including the medical profession with whom I was able to collaborate. So it is with much gratitude that I wish to thank everyone with whom I collaborated and worked with for the success that I have enjoyed. Central to all of what we do in the NHS are our patients whom I was honoured to serve and achieve for them the best outcome I possible could within my scope of practice.

During my tenure as the Consultant Podiatric Surgeon in the employment of Hammersmith & Fulham PCT (2005-2010) then after a transition period to Central London Community Health NHS Trust (CLCH) (2010-2023) covering 17 years and 8 months I have had the privilege to lead the Podiatric Surgery service based at Charing Cross Hospital.

My key achievements could be summarised as follows: -

  1. The service was expanded from a two-day service to four days including general and local anaesthetic operating lists 3 times a week.

  2. Ensured the delivery of the highest standard of Podiatric care to our patients.

  3. Since 2017 I have been the clinical lead for CLCH supporting 70 Podiatrists with clinical and professional matters relating to their scope of practice.

  4. An excellent rapport was developed with the hospital Consultant groups within Charing Cross Hospital which afforded Podiatric Surgery the opportunity to share in the wider medical knowledge including our expertise in the foot, surgically and in biomechanics.

  5. Under my leadership the team was called upon to offer lectures to the various hospital specialities in sport, rheumatology, and diabetes.

  6. I have facilitated the training of podiatric surgical trainees offering the opportunity to rotate within an acute hospital and beyond.

  7. I am most proud of the high patient satisfaction rating we have achieved during my tenure of 85%

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